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Olde Winter Meadow Sheep


Gingerbread Man Hanger


Christmas Field Mouse Hanger
The Stockings Were Hung"


Woodland Gingerbread Ornies


Mr & Mrs Christmas Meadow Mice


Halloween Witch Cat Star and Mouse


Olde Field Mice Ornies


Olde Autumn Hag


Olde Farm Owl Cupboard Doll



Patriotic Cupboard Eagles



Woodland Tabletop Bumblebees


Sitting in the Shade Ladybug


Ladybug Door Doll


Old Time Bumblebee Bowl Filler Ornies


Little Girl Cupboard Bumblebee


Summer Ladybug Angel


Summer Bumblebee Angel


Olde Style Summer
Bumblebee Door Doll


Primitive Cupboard Bumblebee


Woodland Bumblebee Ornies


Woodland Tabletop Ladybugs


Patriotic Sheep Door Doll


Summer Watermelon and Crow


Miss Clover Spring Rabbit


Olde & Worn Rabbit - Olde Eggs


Spice Chick Ornies


Herb Rabbit Ornies


Twin Bunny Babies
Lulu & Jack Rabbit


Olde Time Bunny Family


Spring Cupboard Chicks


Baby Bunny Ornies


Olde Style Spring Rag Rabbit


Witch Ornies or Bowl Fillers


Santas of Old Days Orines or Bowl Fillers

Witch Shoes with Mouse & Pumpkin Purse


"Angels Dancing in the Leaves" Doll



Santa Claus Door Hanger Doll



Witch Kitty Doll, Pumpkin & Spider Friends


Wintertime Snowman Doll or Shelf Sitter


The Littlest Pumpkin Prince Doll


Fall Harvest Pumpkin Witch Angel Doll


Primitive Vintage Santa Claus Doll


Primitive Vintage Snowman & His Gingerbread Doll


Christmas Mouse, Gingerbread Man & Tree Ornie Lot


Primitive Snowman Door Doll


Primitive Winter Frost Snow Angel Doll


Old Winter Crow Doll

Night Before Christmas Mouse Doll



Through the Ages Old Crow Doll



Door Greeter - Through the Ages Crow & Little Sadie Hen



Primitive Long Skinny Crow



Old Dirty Grungy Pears


Big Olde Apples



A Child's Christmas Wish


Merry Old Santa Claus


The Winter Months

Old Time Raggedy Anne/Andy

Old Faded Egg Bunny



 Spring Rabbit Door Hanger Doll

Bunny Rabbit Carrot Sock

Vintage Primitive Easter Chicks

Olde Spring Crow with Violet

Old Dirty Grungy Carrots

Carrot Babies



Old Snowshoes Spring Rabbit



Little Old Hare

Spring Robin Eggs Olde Style



Vintage Cotton Egg Bunny

Old Long Ears


Lazy Summer Days

American Eagle
"Land of the Free"


Lady Liberty Doll
Extremely Primitive


American Eagle Door Doll

Patriotic American Star
with Crows




Deep in the Woods



Calling of the Witches




Little Sadie



Farmhouse Country Settin' Hen



Ghost & Goblin Crows


Country Witch



Autumn Pumpkin Man


Small Witch Hat House & Mousie


Autumn Pumpkins & Crows


BOO Door Greeter Display


BOO Ghost Shelf Sitter


BOO Door Doll


Autumn Candy Corn & Crow


The House in the Woods
Witch Hat House


Halloween Candy Corn
Sweeti Doll

Little Pumpkin Jack-O-Lantern


Once Upon a Time
The Old Witch


Once Upon a Time
The Old German Witch


Once Upon a Time
The Old Latin Witch


Old Time Pumpkin Stick Man


Darkness Falls
Deep in the Woods


Hallo's Eve
Witch in the Moon


Autumn Scarecrow
Pocket Full of Crows


Mousie's Letter to Santa


Old Primitive Witch Stockings


Christmas JOY Door Doll
Ice Skating Mousie


Three Wise Crows
Christmas Star


Little Mousie in
Snowman Hat


Old Time Primitive
Winter Icicles


Catching Snowflakes


Melting Snowman


Old Time Snowman
Door Greeter


Little Santa Hat House


Snowball Crow


Winter Mittens


Yes Mousie, There is
a Santa Claus


Winter of Long Ago


North Pole
Mr Penguin


If You Just Believe
Mousie & Snowman




Dashing Through the Snow


Winter Snowball


Old Style Reindeer


Winter Nights Snowman
"The Beauty of the Stars"


Old Style Heart


A Valentine's Gift for Mousie


Ever So Thankful
New Year's Snowman


Sleeping Willie Rabbit
& His Carrot


Spring Chick Babies


Old Style Spring Chicks Sitter

Little Spring Lamb
"Bless Ewe"


Old Style Cotton
Bunny Rabbit


Old Style Easter Chicks


Spring Bunny Baby


April Showers Umbrella
Spring Home


Cracked Eggshell Chick Sitter



Little Cracked Eggshell
Home for Mousie



Auntie Duckie
Springtime in the Barnyard


Auntie Duckie
Door Greeter


Miss Mousie
and Her Dandelion


Old Time Summer
Watermelon & Crow


Primitive Summer Strawberries


Old Style Songbird


American Eagle Heart


Old Style American
Liberty Eagle


Trick or Treat
Candy Corn Witches


Summer Garden


Firefly Nights


Ghost Lady of the Night


Little Witch Girl Myrtle
and Ghost Pull Toy


Old Style Little Pumpkin
Boy and Girl


Early Cupboard Hoot Owls


Primitive Little Ghosts


Big Snowman Tophat Winter Home


Bertha the Winged Witch


Santa in Sock Ornie


Old Primitive Halloween Witch 1902


Early Cupboard Snowman Ornies


Early Primitive Old Saint Nick


Old Time Snowman Ornament


Peace on Earth Christmas Angel


Halloween Witch Bat Ornies


Wintertime SNOW Snowman Display


Wee Santas


Gingerbread Boy and Girl Cookies


Jolly Snowman


Ice Skating Mousie


Early Santa Makedo


Caroling Snowmen


Reindeer and Horse


Christmas Snowman Star


Elsie Old Time Easter Rabbit


Old Time Easter Cupboard Sheep


Miss Blossoms Easter Rabbit


Valentine Heart Cupboard Ornies


Annie Pumpkin and Matilda Pig



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