Old Time Bumblebee Bowl Filler Ornies ~ Pattern
Kentucky Primitives folk artist
Victoria Lynn
Simple Primitives done in the tradition of old

This is for the pattern only, not the finished doll.

These are the olde style bumblebee ornies.  They are  fat and plumpy and have double wings on each side with primitive stitching going through the center.  They have rusty wire antenna and little gauze scarves around their necks.  Their little stingers are rusty nails.  They measure approximately 8 inches when completed as shown.




God bless you.

This pattern has very detailed instructions.  This pattern also includes wonderful prim tips.  You can sell these on eBay, craft shows, your website, etc as long as you give credit to Kentucky Primitives.  The pattern itself may not be resold.  You may not mass produce or wholesale dolls you make from my patterns.  Your basic sewing skills are all that's needed!

This is for the pattern only.  No altering of this pattern without my written permission (this means the basic design itself, but please feel free to add your own special touches).  You will receive the printed pattern by mail.  Pattern is Copyright Victoria Lynn, KentuckyPrimitives.


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