The House In the Woods~Witch Hat House~Pattern
"Home Sweet Home"
Kentucky Primitives folk artist
Victoria Lynn
Simple Primitives done in the tradition of old


Many long years ago when the old witch turned 100 years old, she received a new hat.  So she laid her old one down amongst the trees in the middle of a beautiful thick forest.

It stayed empty for centuries after that...
Until mousie made itself a cozy little home!

This hat is extremely primitive, old, rustic and faded, well weathered and crinkled.  It looks as if it has been laying in the forest for a long, long time.

The witch hat is made to hang over the edge of a table, shelf, etc. or it also looks great laying flat.

This pattern also includes instructions on the three step process for cinnamon paint to give it the shadows and old rustic look.

Moss has grown all around the opening of mousie's home.  The old bells still hang from the brim.

Mousie has three pieces of candy corn that the old witch's crow brought to him for a treat.

Mousie can sit inside the witch hat or frolick about around it.

The long skinny crow is perched on top of mousie's witch hat house.


Mousie frolicking around outside his house :)

Witch hat measures approximately 26" long.

This pattern has very detailed instructions.  This pattern also includes wonderful prim tips.   You can sell these on eBay, craft shows, etc.  I would appreciate credit for the pattern design.  The pattern itself may not be resold.  Your basic sewing skills are all that's needed!

This is for the pattern only.  No altering of this pattern without my written permission (please read my "About Me" page concerning altering).  You will receive the printed pattern by mail.  Pattern is Copyright 2000, Victoria Lynn, KentuckyPrimitives.



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