A Child's Christmas Wish Doll Pattern
Father Christmas and Christmas Teddy
Kentucky Primitives artist
Victoria Lynn
Simple Primitives done in the tradition of old

Molly was my mother.  She passed away in 1983.


Long ago in the early 1940's, when she was only 6, she first saw the teddy with a big red bow in the department store window.  Every Christmas after that, she secretly wished for the Christmas teddy, and one Christmas morning when she was about 10 or 11, there was a teddy with a big red bow waiting for her under the tree.  Santa had came to her Appalachian home.  Little Molly's heart was filled with so much happiness, she never forgot that Christmas and told the story many times with the same twinkle in her eye.  This is Molly's Christmas wish.

This pattern is for a primitive vintage Father Christmas and the Christmas teddy bear.  The Christmas teddy is extremely primitive.  He has old crusty ears and a stick for his leg.  Primitive vintage Father Christmas is approximately 24" tall.  Christmas teddy is approximately 10" tall.


This pattern has very detailed instructions.  This pattern also includes wonderful prim tips.  You can sell these on eBay, craft shows, etc.  I would appreciate credit for the pattern design.  The pattern itself may not be resold.

This is for the pattern only.  This pattern may not be altered in any way.  You will receive the printed pattern by mail.  Pattern is Copyright 1993, Victoria Lynn, Kentucky Primitives.



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