Through the Ages Primitive Old Crow Door Greeter Doll Pattern
Kentucky Primitives folk artist
Victoria Lynn
Simple Primitives done in the tradition of old


This is Through the Ages Old Crow Door Greeter doll pattern.  She also has a hump on her back and is all bent over.  She has a fat belly, and wrinkles on her head, because she is old, old, old!  Little Sadie hen is by her side.  The old crow has different accessories and hats for different holidays and seasons, as does Little Sadie hen who is always in on the festivities with Through the Ages.

This crow doll is a big doll.  She will look beautiful all year round (please note, this is a different Through the Ages crow doll, as well as a different Little Sadie hen than my other patterns).

The old crow is in her golden years of life.  This door greeter doll was inspired as my other Through the Ages doll, by my grandmother Marthie.

Bless all the grandma's and grandpa's all over the world.

This is an extremely primitive pattern.  The aging process is quite intense, but the end results are amazing.  Includes patterns to make all accessories shown in the pictures.  She is approximately 25" tall (not counting her hats).

This first picture is of both Through the Ages crow dolls, so you can see the differences in them.  This pattern is for the big crow doll and Little Sadie hen and accessories only.  See my other auctions for the smaller crow doll on the pedestal.

American - Through the Ages and Little Sadie celebrating Independence Day.  Little Sadie is wearing her Uncle Sam hat, and My Ages crow is wearing a flag apron with USA on it, and a Lady Liberty crown.  She holds her sparklers in her wing.

Halloween - The Old Crow is wearing her witch hat, and Little Sadie wears her little witch hat and wig.  Ages has her apron full of candy corn treats to hand out to all.  Note, the small pumpkin shown is not included in this pattern.

Christmas "Cookies for Santa" - Ages has been busy baking gingerbread men cookies for Santa, and Little Sadie has her Santa hat on as well.  (Please note, the candy cane shown in the picture above is not included in the pattern, it was made from my other "Through the Ages" pattern.)

Spring - My Ages is holding a spring robin egg while Little Sadie watches everything Ages does.

This is Ages and Little Sadie in the summertime.  While wearing her "Ages" apron, she has been gathering apples to can.  She has her old spring bonnet on.  Note, you can customize the name on her apron if you like.

Ages is old and has wrinkles in her forehead.

Ages's tail can be curled up or left to lay flat.

This is Little Sadie hen.  She loved My Ages, and My Ages loved her.

TThis is a side view of the Big Ages Door Greeter along with some friends.

PLEASE please do not alter this pattern in any way.  Through the Ages crow dolls are very precious to my heart.  They were inspired by my grandmother.  This means the crow doll itself.  If you want to add different accessories or make your own, that is fine.

This pattern is for the big Through the Ages Old Crow door greeter and her Little Sadie hen, and accessories shown (unless otherwise noted).

     This pattern has very detailed instructions.  This pattern also includes wonderful prim tips.   You can sell these on eBay, craft shows, etc.  I would appreciate credit for the pattern design.  The pattern itself may not be resold.  Your basic sewing skills are all that's needed!

This is for the pattern only.  You will receive the printed pattern by mail.  Pattern is Copyright 2000, Victoria Lynn, Kentucky Primitives.

This is a very very large pattern with many pages.



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