Autumn "Angels Dancing in the Leaves" Pattern
Blue-Mountain folk artist
Victoria Lynn
Simple Primitives done in the tradition of old


Oooo how I love autumn!  The beautiful colors, the falling leaves, morning frost, and the faint smell of smoke rising from chimney tops.

This is one of my old designs, as well as one of my favorites.  His original name is "Angels Dancing in the Leaves", which comes from memories of my grandmother, which was her explanation for why leaves would whirl in the air.

Angels Dancing in the leaves is a beautiful doll, almost magical.  His has a pumpkin shaped head with stitch sculpted features, and long beautiful flowing sculpted wings to shelter the baby crow.  It is an extremely primitive design with lots of aging methods.

This pattern has very detailed instructions.  This pattern also includes wonderful prim tips.  You can sell these on eBay, craft shows, etc.  I would appreciate credit for the pattern design.  The pattern itself may not be resold.  Your basic sewing skills are all that's needed!

Shown here with a pedestal he measures approximately 23" tall when finished.  It also includes the pattern for the baby crow.


This is for the pattern only.  You will receive the printed pattern by mail.  You may not alter this pattern in any way.  Pattern is Copyright 1998, Victoria Lynn.



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