Annie Pumpkin and Matilda Piggy ~ Pattern
Kentucky Primitives folk artist
Victoria Lynn
Simple Primitives done in the tradition of old


Annie Pumpkin and Matilda are off to the harvest fair.  It's late October and the wind is chilly.  She wears her old coat with a wool pocket stitched on and little black beads for buttons.  Her apron is cotton tweed.  Her scarf is grungy gauze.  Her arms are sticks.  She is made in the olde style with a pumpkin shaped head and she is completely rag stuffed.  Her hair is sheep's wool and she wears a tiny with hat on the side of her head.  Her nose has been pinch stitched.  A scrap of fabric has been stitched on to it.  One eye is button and the other is floss.  Her mouth is a scrap piece of wool stitched on.  Matilda is fat and plumpy with a wire tail and rusty nail legs and beads for eyes.  She is on a leash tied to Annie's arm.  Annie Pumpkin measures approximately 15" tall when completed as shown.


 God bless you.



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