Mrs. Providence Oldacre - Huge Halloween Doll
Kentucky Primitives Appalachian folk artist
Victoria Lynn
Simple Primitives done in the tradition of old


Today I have a wonderful huge doll. She is 34 inches tall. She is one of the most beautiful pumpkin head dolls I have ever seen. She is a design by one of the greatest dollmakers, Pine Berry Lane. Mrs. Providence is rag stuffed and extremely heavy. She has a stitched nose, her lips have been stitched on, she has vintage buttons for eyes, and wispy linen flax hair. She wears a worn dress that is brown and cream checkered with two tiny pockets sewn on the side. Her olde pin keep pillow is filled with wood shavings that dangles from a vintage key that is tied around her neck. It has a poem embroidered on it.

The poem embroidered on the pincushion says You need not be afraid of me, I'm just a grown up pumpkin seed. You will love this doll. She is truely amazing, and did I say huge! NOTE - This doll is extremely heavy and large.



God bless you.

This will come signed and dated.


Sold out.

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