Early Olde Santa Claus & Elmer his Reindeer
Kentucky Primitives Appalachian folk artist
Victoria Lynn
Simple Primitives done in the tradition of old


Thank you for stopping by.  Santa is so primitive with vintage button eyes, stitched thread over nose.  His hair is sheep's wool and his beard and moustache is made from early 1900's cotton seed batting.  He has a wee little mouth with teeth.  His hat is grungy red linen with a rusty bell on the tip.  He wears a shirt and trousers.  Down the center of his shirt are stitched on X's for buttons.  He wears a wool coat with a pocket stitched on filled with real pine.

Elmer has a stitched on eye, tiny thread mouth.  He has painted on black hooves, a wool blanket and a blue ticking tail.  He has a real stick for an antler.

Santa is made from a design by Pine Berry Lane and is a big fellow measuring 26" tall, stuffed with rags for that wonderful prim feel.  He can either hang or sit.  Elmer is around 9" in width.

God bless you.

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