"Through Fields of Flowers" Lamb & Wee Duckling Doll
Kentucky Primitives folk artist
Victoria Lynn
Simple Primitives done in the tradition of old


On long summer days you will find the little lamb and the wee baby duckling playing together in fields of wildflowers.  In the beautiful innocence of youth there are dreams to dream and wishes to make, and their friendship will last a lifetime.

The little lamb is made from paper mâché, the old fashioned way with flour, water, and newspaper.  It has been heavily stained and vintage cotton quilt batting added completely around it except for a few areas of it's face.  It is approximately 13¼" long by 7¼" tall.  It's fat little belly measures approximately 15" around.

The wee little duckling is made of cotton muslin.  She has two tiny beads for eyes.  She is approximately 4¼" long.

The little lamb has beads for eyes that have been wired in, and a stained blue gauze flowing bow that comes up and lays on it's back, which has been secured with white beads which have been wired into the lamb.

The little wee duckling is sitting on the lamb's back, and is attached to it by rusty wire that goes completely around it's belly.  The little lamb has old stick legs with grungy gauze tied around the tops.

The little flowers are pale pink and have been wired into the lamb's body.

This is a view looking down on them.  The vintage batting on the lamb has been grubbed up and has bits and pieces of dried sticks, leaves, and dried lavendar. 

The little duckling has a piece of stained twine around her neck with some drieds.

The little lamb has an old rusty bell sewn to the bow around it's neck.

The little lamb's tail is made from platted gauze and wired into it's body.

The doll will come signed and dated.  Victoria Lynn, Kentucky Primitives.

This is a OOAK (one of a kind) doll.


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