Little Baby Bunny "Jack Rabbit" ~ Doll
Kentucky Primitives folk artist
Victoria Lynn
Simple Primitives done in the tradition of old


Happy Spring everyone :)  This is baby bunny Jack Rabbit.  He is made in the old primitive way with a vintage touch.  Spring is in the air and colors are bursting.  Sweet little Jack Rabbit will add a hint of color to your prim home.

Jack Rabbit is old and tattered looking.  He has bits of dried grass peeping out of holes in her body where he is worn and old.  He has the sweetest little head and long ears.  His little body is stumpy and her little belly is o so plumpy.

He is made from vintage quilt batting and rag stuffed, and painted a muted brown.  His arms and legs are dried sticks with grass peeping out around them.  He wears a little pale blue collar around his neck with a tiny twine bow.  Two black buttons are sewn on his belly.  He carries an old basket filled with grass that has been wired to his arm.  A little poem in stained paper is pinned on with sweet annie.  The poem reads:

Dear Lord
Make us mindful of the little things

He measures approximately 11" tall (not including her ears), and measures approximately 14" tall from the tip of his ear to the bottom of his little stick feet.  You will love this sweet little baby boy bunny.





Below is a picture of Lulu and her twin brother Jack Rabbit.  Aren't they so sweet? :)

Baby Lulu is sold separately.

God bless you.

Jack Rabbit will come signed and dated.  Design is copyright Victoria Lynn, Kentucky Primitives.




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