The Old Grey Mare
Kentucky Primitives folk artist
Victoria Lynn
Simple Primitives done in the tradition of old

The old gray mare, she ain't what she used to be LOL! I remembered this song as a child. The old gray mare is a simple and o so primitive horse. She is completely rag stuffed. She has been painted gray. Her mane hangs over her neck. Her mouth is pinch stitched. She has a little ear with a bead for an eye. She has a twine knotted collar around her neck and dried sticks for legs. She has a stained patch sewn on that says MARE. Her tail is a strip of blue ticking. She measure approximately 13 inches wide.

God bless you.

This will come signed and dated.  Design is Copyright Victoria Lynn, KentuckyPrimitives.



$46.00  This item is available ONLY to the United States.

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