Vintage Primitive Egg Bunny Doll Make-Do
KentuckyPrimitives folk artist
Victoria Lynn
Simple Primitives done in the tradition of old


A beautiful vintage cotton egg bunny doll with his little primitive Easter chick.  I've not done one of these wonderful dolls in years, but Easter would not be Easter and Spring would not be Spring without them.  She is made from the old time vintage cotton quilt batting.  It's the batting they used years ago.  My grandmother would tear her old tattered quilts apart and use the cotton batting for holiday decorating on her dolls.  I just love this old old look.  It's as close to the real thing as you can get.  This is an awesome piece.  It's so very very primitive and so very very vintage.  I have grunged up the vintage batting with piece of tiny dried sticks and leaves and specks of grass.  I've added some crusting to one of the ears.

This item is sold, but if you would like to order one like it, just email me.  There is a slight waiting list for custom doll orders.

It's fat and plump.  One old button is sewn on and crusty for her eye.  The other eye is floss stitched.  She has old grungy whiskers pinned on.  They are made of twine and are stiff.  Her little nose is slightly pinch stitched and her little mouth is flossed on.  This doll is 2/3 rag stuffed.

The little Easter chick is extremely primitive, rag stuffed, has beads for eyes, crusting here and there, and has old dirty gauze with drieds around it's neck.  The base of the vintage egg bunny is dark old and crusty.  It has dirty, faded light blue gauze tied around it.

This is a side view of it.

She has the sweetest face.  You will love her forever.  She also has an old gauze bow at the top of her head that is attached by an antique vintage hat pin.  She is approximately 18" tall.  Vintage cotton quilt batting is a delicate material.  It is not the quilt batting you can get today.  This doll is put together wonderfully and she is sturdy, but it is a delicate doll and needs to be handled with care.  You should to wrap her in bubble wrap and place her in her own box when storing.

This design is Copyright Victoria Lynn, KentuckyPrimitives.



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