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Victoria Lynn
Simple Primitives done in the tradition of old


Thank you for stopping by.  I have a wonderful olde prim display perfect for autumn.

It was early morning in the country.  Clem the olde mule loaded his wagon full of hay to take his friends for a ride.  Clem threw on his farmer hat and his plaid handkerchief around his neck and headed down the olde dirt road as he chewed on a piece of straw.  Around the corner waits his friends the candy corn field mice with a big plump pumpkin and harvest corn.

The big pumpkin is painted muslin with a real stick for a stem.  It rests on top of the hay bale.  In the back behind the pumpkin are a few ears of harvest corn.  The candy corn field mice have been painted and grunged.  Their little noses are stitched on.  They have beads for eyes, whiskers, their arms are rusty safety pins.  Their legs are heavy wire with little black boots.  Their little tails are rusty wire with candy corn on the tips.

One little mouse sits on the plump pumpkin holding Clem's reigns, which is made of thick thread.  The other little mouse hops on the back of the wagon.  Clem the olde mule has thread stitched eyes, sticks for legs and a twine plaided tail.  His harness is made of thick thread with a piece of leather holding it together.  This autumn prim display measures 24" long by 15" tall.

The vintage wagon is made of wood with vintage spoke wheels.
The display is decorated with dried moss, straw, and Spanish moss.  The olde sign reads:
Ye Ole' Harvest 1782

The candy corn mice are made by a pattern from Soft in the Head.


God bless you.

This will come signed and dated.


$69.00  Sold Clem and the Candy Corn Mice have found a home with Donna.

This item is available ONLY to the United States.

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