"The Calling of the Witches" Primitive Witch Doll
KentuckyPrimitives folk artist
Victoria Lynn
Simple Primitives done in the tradition of old


The time has come
For the Witches dance
And the spooks from far and near
Will gather and make merry
For Halloween is here

This is an extremely, extremely old looking primitive witch doll.  She is secured to an old wood base that is cracked and has it's original paint.  She is made from muslin.  Her face has been bonded to the fabric.  Her arms have been pinned on and the poem has been bonded to grungy paper and applied to the front of her body.

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Her hair is painted and stained drapery cord.  It has been sewn to her hat, and the hat sewn to her head.

Around the bottom fabric of the old witch, it has a dark soot look.  The base is very heavy.

One of her arms is stained gauze sewn together, with rusty pins and bells for her hands.

The other arm is made from dried grass and dirty gauze, and is pinned at the shoulder and at the wrist to her body by old safety pins.


She is approximately 27" tall.

The doll will come signed and dated.  Victoria Lynn, KentuckyPrimitives.


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