Halloween BOO Ghost Door Doll
Kentucky Primitives folk artist
Victoria Lynn
Simple Primitives done in the tradition of old


This doll is just a wonderful, extremely primitive Halloween Ghost Door Doll.  "BOO" is staggered and sculpt stitched, with a little p-pie spider sewn to the "B".

The ghost is holding an old burlap pumpkin amde in the old style, "lumpy & bumpy".  Skinny crow is perched on top of the pumpkin.

He measures approximately 4 feet tall and 12" wide.  This is from the top of his hat to the tip of the gauze at the bottom.  He would make a wonderful display for your door this autumn.

He is a bit more grungier than these pictures show.

He wears an old long witch hat that has bits of dried moss here and there, and it has old rusty bells sewn around the brim, and one at the tip.  His eyes and mouth are sculpt-stitched and tinted a faded black.

He holds an old pumpkin wired to his hands by heavy rusty wire.  The rusty wire also comes around the front of the pumpkin and wraps around the crow several times.

The pumpkin is made out of burlap and has been painted.  It has been decorated with bits of dried moss.  The stem is an old dried stick with dried grass and a few sprigs of lavender.  It says "Hallows Eve" on it very faded and very light.

The ghost is covered in layered stained gauze.  It has age spots here and there on it.  There are some old rusty bells which have been sewn on that dangle from the gauze.  The gauze is pinned to his body with rusty safety pins.

There is a little P-pie (AKA spider) crawling out from underneath the B in BOO.

Happy Halloween!

The doll will come signed and dated.  Victoria Lynn, Kentucky Primitives.

I have three of these wonderful ghost door dolls ready for purchase.  They are $275.00 each with free shipping.


$275.00     Sold out.

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