Halloween Ghost Door Doll - Miss P-Pie Spider - Vintage Box of Candy Corn
Kentucky Primitives Appalachian folk artist
Victoria Lynn
Simple Primitives done in the tradition of old

 BOO Ghost Door Doll is extremely primitive.  This is a smaller version of the original.  The BOO letters are sculpt stitched at the bottom with a P-Pie spider sitting on top of the B with it's spider legs coming down.  The ghost eyes and mouth have been sculpt stitched.  Thick gauze has been draped in layers over the doll.  It carries a vintage box stuffed with tattered candy corn.  There is also a grungy tealight candle placed in the box that lights up.  He is made to hang and wears a witch hat.  From the top of his hat to the bottom of his gauze is approximately 4' 2" tall.

Rusty bells are pinned to the bottom of the ghost

Around the top of his witch hat is dried moss and stained gauze and a rusty bell is pinned to the tip of his witch hat.  The box has been wired to his hands and is filled with dried corn shucks.  The candy corn and fall leaf are dusted with vintage snow.  Dried sticks and bittersweet orange berries are tucked inside the box with Spanish moss.



God bless you.

This will come signed and dated.  Design is Copyright Victoria Lynn, Kentucky Primitives.




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