Little Spring Lamb "Bless Ewe" ~ Doll
Kentucky Primitives folk artist
Victoria Lynn
Simple Primitives done in the tradition of old


This is another doll made from the old cotton batting.  I love these batting dolls, especially in the spring.

This little lamb is covered in the vintage batting of old.  It is made from cotton muslin and is partially rag stuffed.  It has beads for eyes.  An old vintage hat pin holds in place a simple heart made from burlap which says "Bless Ewe".  This little lamb sits by itself.

  This precious little lamb measures approximately 12" tall.

It has places here and there where you can see the fabric, as if it has been worn by time.  Vintage cotton quilt batting is a delicate material.  It is not the quilt batting you can get today.  This doll is put together wonderfully and is sturdy, but it is a delicate doll and needs to be handled with care.  You should wrap it in bubble wrap and place it in it's own box when storing.

What a sweet little face :)

God be with you.

This design is copyright 2000, Victoria Lynn, KentuckyPrimitives.  The lamb will come signed and dated.



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