Bird Nest Primitive Jar Display
Kentucky Primitives folk artist
Victoria Lynn
Simple Primitives done in the tradition of old

Nothing says Simplicity like a bird's nest for your primitive home.  I placed a hand-made bird's nest (it looks as if it were real) in a jar with a poem tucked down inside.  The little eggs are made of clay and look so real.  A heavy piece of cotton muslin covers the top with stained twine wrapped around.  This would look beautiful sitting on your cupboard or on a window ledge or anywhere in your home, to remind us to be more like the little bird, and cast our cares on God and let Him do our thinking.  The poem which is made on heavily stained paper reads:

The Bird Nest

The little bird has chosen his shelter.
Above it are the stars and the deep
heaven of worlds.  Yet he is rocking himself
to sleep without caring for tomorrows
lodging.  Calming clinging to his little twig,
And leaving God to think for him.






I couldn't get the best pictures through glass, but the poem is not wavy.




God bless you.

This little bird's nest display will come signed and dated.




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