Yes Mousie, There is a Santa Claus ~ e-pattern
Remember the Least
Kentucky Primitives folk artist
Victoria Lynn
Simple Primitives done in the tradition of old


While all the children were asleep and Santa stuffed toys in their stockings, the little mouse only wanted cheese, and his humbleness touched Santa.  Santa had received Mousie's letter and he carried it with him.  Mousie got more than just cheese for Christmas, he got to see Santa.

This is the old style Santa.  He is extremely primitive.  He has a long flowing robe.  He holds the precious little mousie in the palms of his hands as he looks down at him with tenderness.

May your heart be filled with all the wonderment of Christmas and always remember the least.

He measures approximately 27" tall when completed as shown.

God bless you this Christmas.

The pattern includes the Mousie "Dear Santa" letter.


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