Independence Day Parade Field Mice & Watermelon Float
United We Stand
Kentucky Primitives Appalachian folk artist
Victoria Lynn
Simple Primitives done in the tradition of old

 The little field mice are so excited to be in the 4th of July parade.  They have worked for months getting their float ready.  The three little field mice are made in the olde style.  Their eyes and ears have been stitched on.  They sit on top of a watermelon.  The watermelon has black beads sewn on for seeds.  Vintage thread spools have been sewn on the bottom for its wheels.

Dried moss surrounds each little mouse as it is perched on top of the watermelon.  One little mouse is carrying a raggedy olde banner that has been stitched onto heavy rusty wire.  The little banner reads United We Stand.

Measures approximately 11" wide by 9" tall when completed as shown.

The little mice are so pround to show off their watermelon float!

God bless you.



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