Summer & Patriotic e-patterns


American Flag Star with Eagle


Patriotic Cat and Wee Watermelon Mice


Farmer Mouse, Twinkles the Cat, and Butterfly


Early American Sheep & Watermelon Crow


Summertime Snookums and Polly Bumblebee


Watermelon Swing


Farmer Cat and Watermelon Mouse


BoBo Rabbit & Miss Clucky Hen


1776 Early Rabbit Carrying His Watermelon


Primitive Early Watermelon & Olde Hares


Watermelon Parade Float Field Mice
"Independence Day"


American Patriotic Cat Pull Toy


Olde Time Watermelon and Crow


Summer Watermelon Wall Pocket Hanger


Farmer Cat Watermelon & Field Mouse


Summer Watermelon & Field Mouse


Patriotic American Pig


American Eagle
"Land of the Free"


Patriotic Cupboard Eagles

Piggy Goes to Market


Extremely Primitive
American Sheep Door Doll


Farmhouse Pigs


Patriotic Cupboard Sheep


Firefly Nights


Summer Garden


Primitive Summer Strawberries


American Eagle Heart


Old Style American
Liberty Eagle


Lazy Summer Days


Old Style Songbird


Old Style Little Pumpkin
Boy and Girl


Early Cupboard Hoot Owls


Old Dirty Grungy Pears


Olde Farm Owl Cupboard Doll


Patriotic Wall Hanger



Old Farm Bat




Woodland Tabletop Bumblebees


Sitting in the Shade Ladybug


Ladybug Door Doll




Old Time Bumblebee Bowl Filler Ornies



Little Girl Cupboard Bumblebee




Summer Ladybug Angel


Summer Bumblebee Angel


Olde Style Primitive Cupboard Ladybug




Primitive Cupboard Bumblebee



Woodland Bumblebee Ornies



Olde Style Summer
Bumblebee Door Doll


Woodland Tabletop Ladybugs



Sheep Ornies



Mr and Mrs Carrotfield Rabbit



Old Field Mice and Watermelon Hanger



Patriotic Sheep Door Doll



Summer Watermelon and Crow



Little Sadie


Farmhouse Country Settin' Hen


Big Olde Apples