Spring & Valentine e-patterns


Flopsy & Mopsy Rabbits


Miss Carrot Wing Rabbit Sitter


Early Cupboard Cottontail & Hare


Emma Rabbit & Her Carrots


Miss Chickie & Her Egg Babies


Peter Rabbit


Little Pearly Spring Rabbit


Some Bunny Loves You


Lilly and Pansy Olde Cabinet Hares - Rabbits


Puppy Love Valentine Letter Cupboard Hanger


Olde Meadow Hares
"Cherry Blossom and Bluebell Rabbits"


Puppy Love Valentine Snookums


Valentine Pup


Early Rosebud Heart Hanger


Lavender Fields Early Rabbit Pull Toy


Valentine Cupie Doll Hangers


Plain and Simple Hearts


Farmhouse Pigs


Olde Field Mice Ornies


Woodland Hare and Cottontail Rabbit



Olde Bitty Spring Cupboard Chicks



Spring Rabbit Sitter



Twin bunny Babies


Olde Style Rag Spring Rabbit


Springtime Wall Hanger




Valentine Teddy Bears



Valentine Heart Stockings


Valentine Heart Cupboard Ornies


Valentine Heart Pocket


Elsie Old Time Spring Rabbit



Old Time Spring Cupboard Sheep


Miss Blossoms Spring Rabbit


Old & Worn Spring Rabbit


Mrs Clover Rabbit Gathering Eggs



Primitive Old Bunny Family


Little Spring Lamb
"Bless Ewe"



Spring Herb Rabbit Ornies


Sleeping Willie Rabbit
& His Carrot



April Showers Umbrella
Spring Home


Cracked Eggshell Chick Sitter


Little Cracked Eggshell
Home for Mousie




Auntie Duckie
Springtime in the Barnyard


Auntie Duckie
Door Greeter


Miss Mousie
and Her Dandelion


Twin bunny Babies
Lulu and Jack Rabbit



Carrot Babies


Old Snowshoes Spring Rabbit


 Spring Rabbit Door Hanger Doll


Bunny Rabbit Carrot Sock



 Spring Spice Chick Ornies


Spring Chick Babies


Old Dirty Grungy Carrots


Carrot Babies





Old Style Spring Chicks Sitter


Little Old Hare


Old Style Spring Chicks


Vintage Primitive Spring Chicks






Olde Style Spring Rag Rabbit


Olde & Worn Rabbit - Olde Eggs


Old Long Ears


Spring Robin Eggs Olde Style


Spring Bunny Baby


Olde Spring Crow with Violet


A Valentine's Gift for Mousie