Halloween & Fall e-patterns


Miss Toodles Caroling Mouse Pull Toy


Annie Pumpkin and Matilda Piggy


Annie Pumpkin


Extremely Primitive Farm Witch & Hen


Midnight Flight Kitty
& Candy Corn Mice


Miss Sourwood


October Evening Stroll
Hannah Kitty and Her Puppy Buttons


Little Pumpkin Boy and His Pup
"Playing in the Leaves"


Harvest Pumpkin Sitter


Slim and Smiley


Corn Harvest Pumpkin Doll


Halloween Witch Bat Door Doll Hanger


Olde Autumn Witch


Olde and Worn Farm Hag


Woodland Halloween Bat Ornies


Cupboard Spooks


Herb Witch


October 31 Halloween Pumpkin Boy


Little Bessie Pumpkin Sprout


Tattered Candy Corn and Field Mice
Cupboard Display


Autumn Pumpkin Man


Autumn Scarecrow
Pocket Full of Crows



Old Time Pumpkin Stick Man


BOO Ghost Door Doll


Halloween Witch Bat Ornies


Hallo's Eve
Witch in the Moon


Farmer Crows Candy Corn Hanger


Farmer Jack Rabbit Autumn Doll


Halloween Black Witch Cat
and Field Mouse Door Doll


Halloween Witch Cat Star and Mouse


Olde Autumn Hag



Halloween Black Cat


Mrs Pumpkin Harvest Thyme



Witch Kitty Doll, Pumpkin & Spider Friends


Fall Harvest Pumpkin Witch Angel


Country Witch



Autumn Candy Corn & Crow


Old Primitive Witch Stockings


Little Witch Girl Myrtle
and Ghost Pull Toy


Primitive Little Ghosts


BOO Ghost Shelf Sitter


BOO Door Greeter Display




Autumn Pumpkins & Crows


Once Upon a Time
The Old Witch


Once Upon a Time
The Old German Witch


Once Upon a Time
The Old Latin Witch


Trick or Treat
Candy Corn Witches



Witch Shoes with Mouse & Pumpkin Purse


Deep in the Woods


Darkness Falls
Deep in the Woods



Bertha the Winged Witch


Ghost Lady of the Night


Old Primitive Halloween Witch 1902


Calling of the Witches



Ghost & Goblin Crows




Small Witch Hat House & Mousie


Halloween Candy Corn
Sweeti Doll


Little Pumpkin Jack-O-Lantern


The House in the Woods
Witch Hat House


Snookums Pup and His Pumpkin



Little Molly Sheep and Her Pumpkin


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