Farmer Cat and Watermelon Mouse Friend ~ e-pattern
Kentucky Primitives Appalachian folk artist
Victoria Lynn
Simple Primitives done in the tradition of old

Olde Farmer Cat and his sweet friend the watermelon mouse are made extremely primitive.  Summer has come down on the farm and Olde Farmer Cat along with his friend Watermelon Mouse are off to hoe the garden.  The Olde Watermelon Mouse catches a ride from Olde Farmer Cat, who is holding him in his mouth by his tail.

Olde Farmer Cat is a big ol' feller with a pinch stitched mouth and nose.  His eyes are antique buttons.  He wears an olde worn hat with his ears poking through.  His shirt is brown wool.  His pants are tied up around his waist with a patch on the knee that has been sewn on.  He wears an olde chocolate and cream scarf around his neck, made from antique fabric.

The sweet little Watermelon Mouse is made to resemble a slice of watermelon.  He has seeds sewn on its body, stick legs, beads for eyes, and whiskers.  His tail is a curly rusty wire that goes through the cat's mouth and curls around at the tip.  You will love Farmer Cat and Watermelon Mouse for your primitive summer displays.

Olde Farmer Cat measures approximately 22" tall when completed as shown.

God bless you.



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