Catching Snowflakes Snowman Sitter ~ e-pattern
Kentucky Primitives folk artist
Victoria Lynn
Simple Primitives done in the tradition of old


This humble and sweet little snowman has his little arms stretched towards the sky.  He is waiting for snow.  He is a bit melted, so he is mending himself back together catching snowflakes - one snowflake at a time.

This is an extremely old time snowman sitter.  He is like the old ones from days gone by.  His stick arms reach towards the sky.  His little face is looking upward.  His bottom is round and plumpy.  The little snowflake hovers over him, ready to fall in his arms.  The little crow is perched by his side, ready to catch any snowflakes he might miss.  This is another one of those simple primitive winter displays that will warm your heart.

This is just a beautiful Christmas display.  He measures approximately 27" around by 17" tall (including his little snowflake) when completed as shown.  It can be shorter or taller depending on how you position the snowflake.

Our blessings come from above.

When you're feeling a bit melted in this life, keep your eyes and arms stretched towards Heaven.  Catch all your blessings from God, even the tiniest and simplest of blessings make all the difference.

God bless you this Christmas.  -Victoria Lynn


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