Farmer Mouse & Twinkles the Cat & Butterfly Doll
Kentucky Primitives Appalachian folk artist
Victoria Lynn
Simple Primitives done in the tradition of old


Farmer Mousie and his two special friends Twinkles the Cat and Buttercup the Butterfly are enjoying a big piece of sweet summer watermelon.  Farmer mousie is made in the olde style.  His nose is a separate piece of fabric sewn on.  His eyes are beads.  He wears his olde farmer's hat with is ears poking through.  He wears a pair of suspenders with tiny bells sewn on the straps.  He has stick arms and legs.

Twinkles has a pinch stitched mouth tinted red.  She has beads for eyes and Buttercup is wired to her tail and hovers over her.  Buttercup is a rusty orange and brown with black dots around the edge of her wings.  Her body is a stick that has been sewn on and she has a rusty wire antennae.  She has been sculpt stitched.  Twinkle's leash is around her neck and attached to Mousie's arm.  The watermelon has black seeds sewn on.  Mousie and Twinkle's whiskers are rusty wire.  Mousie measures approximately 16" tall.

God bless you and enjoy your summer with friends, Mousie sure is!

God bless you.



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