Primitive Halloween "BOO" Door Greeter Display e-pattern
with Ghost, Crows, Pumpkins, and Little P-Pies

Kentucky Primitives folk artist
Victoria Lynn
Simple Primitives done in the tradition of old

An extremely primitive design!

This is a wonderful display to set at your front door or on an old table anywhere throughout your house during the autumn season.  "BOO" has an old witch hat on and is surrounded by many friends.

The little ghost hovers over one of the "O"s and there are crows perched on it.  There are several little spiders (AKA p-pies).  I love little p-pies!

The big ol' harvest pumpkins set around BOO.  This is a large display.  It is approximately 28" wide by 19" high.  The pumpkins measure approximately 24" around and 19" around.  They range from approximately 9" to 15" high depending on your stems and dried grass.

I just love these little crawling p-pies :)

God bless you.


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