Little Annie Pumpkin e-pattern
Kentucky Primitives Appalachian folk artist
Victoria Lynn
Simple Primitives done in the tradition of old

  Annie Pumpkin is the cutest doll. She is made extremely primitive in the olde style. Her head is pumpkin shaped. Her nose is a rusty nail stitched on. Her mouth is a piece of fabric stitched on with red floss. She has a button eye and a fabric eye with a French knot in the center. Her dirty grey hair has been stitched to her head. Her tattered clothes are stitched to her body and she wears a pumpkin colored coat. Her arms and legs are sticks. She carries a little fabric covered box around her neck with 1854 embroidered on the front. In one of her hands she carries a grungy sack with dried grass and pumpkin pods. She has a loop on her back for hanging but she also looks wonderful sitting. She measures approximately 18" tall when completed as shown.

God bless you.



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