Christmas & Winter e-patterns


Early Olde Time Reindeer Cupboard Doll


I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day
Olde Style Reindeer


Simple and Plain Santa


Little Rosie Snow Girl


Woodland Winter Ice Skating Bunny


Olde Primitive Santa Claus and His Kindling


Ice Skating Winter Snowbabies


Ice Skating Elves


Winter Friends Kitty and Mice


Ice Skating Cupboard Snowman


Winter Lamb and her Christmas Tree


Ice Skating Cupboard Gingerbread Men


Ice Skating Cupboard Mouse


Christmas Ice Skating Crow


Santa and His Sack of Coal


Christmas of Yesterday Santa



Ice Skating Mousie



Primitive Snowman Door Doll



Mousie's Letter to Santa


Winter Nights Snowman
"The Beauty of the Stars"


Wintertime SNOW Snowman Display


Olde Winter Meadow Sheep


Gingerbread Man Hanger


Olde Winter Snowmen Ornies


Woodland Gingerbread Ornies


Mr & Mrs Christmas Meadow Mice


Old Style Reindeer


The Winter Months


Simple Blue Ticking Christmas Stocking and Puffed Paper Vintage Santa



Yes Mousie, There is
a Santa Claus



Melting Snowman


Olde Cupboard Reindeer



Early Cupboard Snowman Ornies


Christmas JOY Door Doll
Ice Skating Mousie


Three Wise Crows
Christmas Star


North Pole
Mr Penguin




Primitive Winter Frost Snow Angel


Merry Old Santa Claus



Catching Snowflakes


Old Time Primitive
Winter Icicles




Little Santa Hat House


Winter of Long Ago


Wee Santas


Gingerbread Boy and Girl Cookies


Jolly Snowman


Early Santa Makedo


Caroling Snowmen


Christmas Snowman Star


Little Mousie in
Snowman Hat


Old Time Snowman
Door Greeter


Snowball Crow


Winter Mittens


If You Just Believe
Mousie & Snowman



Dashing Through the Snow


Winter Snowball

Ever So Thankful
New Year's Snowman

Big Snowman Tophat Winter Home


Santa in Sock Ornie


Peace on Earth Christmas Angel



Christmas Mouse, Gingerbread Man & Tree Ornie Lot



Santas of Old Days Orines or Bowl Fillers


Old Winter Crow Doll


A Child's Christmas Wish


Little Snow Fellow


Simple and Plain Gingerbread Hangers


Raggedy Gingerbread Man


Meadow Snowman


Santa Claus Door Doll


Christmas Field Mouse Hanger
The Stockings Were Hung"


Meadow Reindeer Ornies


Baby Christmas Field Mouse
Ornament Ornie


Wintertime Snowman Doll
or Shelf Sitter


Primitive Vintage Snowman & His Gingerbread Doll


Early Primitive Old Saint Nick


Night Before Christmas Mouse


Plain and Simple Gingerbread Men